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Domiciliary Account (USD)
Bank: Zenith Bank Nig PLC
A/C Number: 5070626590.
A/C Name: Ihuoma Girls Care and Support Initiative.

Nigerian Account (NGN)
A/C Name: Ihuoma Girls Care and Support Initiative.
A/C Number:1014418317.
Bank: Zenith Bank Nig PLC.


About Us

Our initiative is committed to uplifting the life of the girl child through:
Advocacy | Education | Skill empowerment | Mentoring

IHUOMA GIRLS is a non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization founded in 2014, based in Nigeria with a mission to work for and with the girls especially the disadvantaged, abused and vulnerable.

IHUOMA is interpreted as “FAVOURED” in English language and we are here to build confidence and grit into the girl child to be able to speak out on issues bothering them. It is disheartening to note that the percentage of strangers to close relations committing rape is about 10 – 90%. The most painful of it is the rising cases of INCEST, remember these girls are dependants and are vulnerable and so these marauding wolves in sheep clothing do take advantage of them.

Who We Are


is a duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with the registration number: CAC/IT/NO 79291. We are also registered under the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering(SCUML) by Economic and Financial Crime Commission with Registration number: RN: SC 251401729. We also have our Tax Identification Number, TIN-18380591-0001.

We are registered with Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Lagos State Ministry of Justice - The office of Public Defender.

IHUOMA GIRLS is a member of:
1. Child Protection Network
2. Mental Health Stakeholders Forum Lagos State.
3. Coalition of Civil Society. on Sustainable Development Goals.
4. Association of Orphans and Vulnerable Children.
5. Lagos State AIDS Control Agency.

For your Financial Support, Please Donate to:
1. Our Domiciliary Account(USD)
Bank: Zenith Bank Nig PLC
A/C Number: 5070626590.
Name: Ihuoma Girls Care and Support Initiative.

2. A/C Name: Ihuoma Girls Care and Support Initiative. (NGN)
A/C Number:1014418317.
Bank: Zenith Bank Nig PLC.

ADVOCACY: We will work to address the unique challenges girls often face which include early marriages, unwanted pregnancies, gender violence and abuses through advocacy and campaign. We will also champion girls’ rights and advocate for laws and implementation of programs that protect the girl child.

EDUCATION: Understanding the barriers to girls’ education in particular is crucial in this area. Because the girl child education is vital to societal development we encourage girls that have dropped out of school but willing to further their education to re-enrol. We shall guide them through other logistics, seminars, workshops and symposiums which will be organized for the girls and sometimes with their parents.

SKILL ACQUISITION/EMPOWERMENT: Some girls who may not be sound academically will be encouraged to enroll in our various skill acquisition/empowerment programmes ranging from fashion/style, cake and bakes, hair and beauty therapy, bead and jewelries, hat making, event decoration. Remember, skill empowerment is important for everyone but it is especially significant for girls as proper and beneficial skill empowerment for girls is eminent.

MENTORING THE GIRLS: Girl child mentoring is very vital and necessary for those girls that are depressed, delinquent, bullied, abused and with deviant behaviours. We are dedicated and determined to giving young girls practical tools and ideas to help them navigate through life. We shall professionally apply various techniques/models of social work case intervention on our dealings with the girls.

Our Brand Image


Building Confidence and Grit into the girl-child.


To provide a safe and girl-friendly centre that cares, supports prevention, investigation, prosecution of girl child abuser and rehabilitation of victims.


Our core value is dignity as shown below:
D - Diligent: We are very careful and thorough in our duties.
I - Intelligent: We are good in learning new ways of doing things.
G - God Fearing: The fear of God is in our watchword.
N - Noble: We are of admirable characters.
I - Insightful: We show a clear understanding of a situation
T - Trustworthy: We are reliable and sincere.
Y - Youthful: We are full of strength and vigour.

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